AFTERGLOW Wired LVL 3 Gaming Headset Black

AFTERGLOW Wired LVL 3 Gaming Headset Black
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Brand: Microsoft
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Finely tuned 40mm drivers provide a superior audio experience as compared to chat headsetsChat is enhanced by LVL 3’s pivoting and bendable arm, so you can place the noise-canceling microphone in the perfect positionPillow cushioned ear cups and headband makes for comfortable gaming sessionsEasy access in-line controls allow for quick interaction with your gameSelect your LVL with Afterglow’s newest line of headsets. Take advantage of noise-cancelling technology, well-balanced sound, a light-weight comfortable build, and a flexible pivoting boom mic. Enjoy the high-quality audio you deserve.You’ve selected LVL 3. With a wired headset that plugs directly into the controller, you’ll be set up to chat with friends and competitors in no time. Powerful 40mm Neodymium drivers for game/chat audio and easily accessible in-line microphone muting/volume controls elevate the LVL 3 headset—making it perfect for all types of gamers.