Art Puzzle - Hans Scherfig NO1 (500 pieces) (LAM4075)

Art Puzzle - Hans Scherfig NO1 (500 pieces) (LAM4075)
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Put your problem-solving skills to the test with a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Art Puzzle that creates unique jigsaw puzzles with artwork.Now you can get the beautiful paintings from Hans Scherfig as a fun puzzle. The puzzles provide an opportunity to live even more than in the beautiful paintings from the Danish painter and explore all the small details.In the puzzle here, his painting Urskov from 1946 is depicted. The painting is a beautiful, evocative image of a forest with monkeys and tapirs moving calmly forward. In the middle of the picture are two fine elephants taking a dip in the blue lake of the forest.Product information:Hans Scherfig puzzle with 500 piecesThe puzzle measures 56 x 56 cm when fully assembled