Automoblox - Mini 3-pack - A9-S / M9 / X9-X (AX53102)

Automoblox - Mini 3-pack - A9-S / M9 / X9-X (AX53102)
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Brand: Automoblox
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Automoblox - A reinvention of a classic wooden toy car for the iPod age, Automoblox is a fusion of heirloom craftsmanship and contemporary styling, transformed into a mix-and-match design system that allows children to create their own unique car styles; offering opportunity for creative, developmental fun!In addition to being modern, classic toy cars, Automoblox is a high-quality building system that will delight and inspire children whilst fostering the development of important skills and learning foundations. Starting with a stylish wooden body made from German beech wood, kids add wheels, windows and unique customising details. Each car in the series has its own unique VIN number, just like a real car!All Automoblox cars can mix and match with others in the series to create your very own unique ride! Made of solid wood with real rubber tires, these cars roll like greased lightning!