Beurer - PO 30 Pulsoximeter - 5 years warranty

Beurer - PO 30 Pulsoximeter - 5 years warranty
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Brand: Beurer
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Beurer PO 30 is a medical product that calculates oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (heart rate) in a simple and painless way. The pulse oximeter is small and light and can therefore be used in the home as well as on the move. The product is especially suitable for people with:Heart failureChronic obstructive pulmonary diseasebronchial asthma The product is also suitable for people who practice sports at high altitudes - eg mountaineering, aviation and skiing. Easy-to-read color display with six views available. On the display you can see a graphical display of your heart rate.Ean: 4211125454302 / PO030