Blasphemous Deluxe Edition

Blasphemous Deluxe Edition
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Explore a Non-Linear World: Overcome fearsome enemies and deadly traps venturing through a variety of different landscapes, and search for redemption in the dark gothic world of Cvstodia.Brutal Combat: Release the power of Mea Culpa, a sword born from guilt itself, to slaughter foes and acquire devastating new combos and special moves.Executions: Unleash the Penitent One’s wrath and relish in the gory dismemberment of his enemies - all in beautifully rendered, pixel-perfect execution animations.Customise: Discover and equip Relics, Rosary Beads, Prayers and Sword Hearts to give new abilities and stat boosts that the Penitent One needs to survive.Intense Boss Battles: Hordes of gigantic, twisted creatures stand between the Penitent One and his goal. Learn how they move, survive their devastating attacks and emerge victorious.Unlock the Mysteries of Cvstodia: The world is full of tormented souls. Some offer aid, some may ask for something in return. Uncover the stories and fates of these tortured characters to gain rewards and a deeper understanding of this dark world.