Depot - No. 903 Ambient Fragrance Diffuser - Classic Cologne

Depot - No. 903 Ambient Fragrance Diffuser - Classic Cologne
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Brand: Depot The Male Tools & Co.
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When nice and inviting scents are matched with a stylish designDepot No. 903 Ambient Fragrance Diffuser is a fragrance freshener for the modern man who wants a refreshing and aesthetic touch in his home. The pleasant aroma of the fragrance freshener is available in several inviting variants and comes from fragrance sticks that fill the home and create a cozy atmosphere. The design has a bold finish in stylish, dark glass that complements the fragrance sticks and fits into any room in the home.Application:Unscrew the lid of the bottle.Insert the desired number of fragrance sticks into the bottle.Let the sticks absorb the scented liquid.The more fragrance sticks that are put in the container, the stronger the scent you get.To intensify the scent further, the sticks can be turned over.Advantages:Wonderful fragrance freshener by Depot.Refreshes the room.Creates a nice atmosphere.Stylish design.Available in several wonderful fragrances.