DUFFLashes - The Ultimate Starter Kit

DUFFLashes - The Ultimate Starter Kit
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Brand: DUFFLashes
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DUFFBeauty Lashes - The Ultimate Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started with DUFFBeauty. The box contains glue and applicator tweezers, as well as a set of Au Natural Premium 3D lashes. With the unique and specially designed tweezers, it has never been easier to apply artificial lashes - even for beginners.The set contains:1 x DUFFLashes Au Natural1 x DUFFLashes Lash Glue Clear/White1 x DUFFLashesTilt Attachment TweezersDUFFLashes Au Natural are handmade lashes made from carefully selected synthetic mink hair. Au Natural is for you who want a little extra in everyday life. The lash’s 3D effect means that they blend together with your own lashes. read more hereDUFFLashes Lash Glue Clear/White Is a specially developed lash glue that fits the DUFF lashes. It contains effective but nourishing ingredients that allow you to use your DUFF lashes up to 25 times. The glue is gentle on the synthetic mink lashes. The glue is quick-drying, long-lasting and waterproof. read more hereDUFFLashes Eyelash Attachment Tweezers: unique and specially designed tweezers that make it easier to apply artificial eyelashes as close to the lash line as possible - even for beginners.