Educa - Puzzle 1000 - Sunrise in katsuma River (018455)

Educa - Puzzle 1000 - Sunrise in katsuma River (018455)
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Brand: Educa
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This Educa puzzle 1000 pc is captured with spectacular imagery and incredible detail. Thick quality pieces ensures a tight fit between puzzle pieces. Made in Spain ensures superior quality.Includes a lost puzzle piece guaranteeVirtually no puzzle dustCompleted size: 68 x 48 cmEduca is a leading brand, setting the standard in puzzlesEduca is a guarantee of quality. Quality is one of the key attributes that consumers associate with Educa products. 90% of the products are manufactured on their facilities in Sant Quirze del Vallés,Barcelona. Educa product undergo strict security and quality controls and use top quality, renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials.