Errea Tokyo Evolution Kneepads

Errea Tokyo Evolution Kneepads
Categories: PC and Console, 3D
Brand: Errea
Color: White/Navy
Size: S
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Do you need a pair of knee pads for volleyball? Tokyo Evolution Erreà is made for you!

Perfect for competition and training, these knee pads are specially studied and designed to help you protect your knees in complete safety. 

Some think that volleyball knee pads are an option, almost an “element to embellish”, but you should know that it is actually a product of vital importance for everyone who plays volleyball.

During a match, it often happens that athletes throw themselves to the ground for a defensive intervention, or that they fall or slip during training because of a badly positioned foot during a jump.

Exactly for this reason, knee pads for volleyball go from simple accessories to real safety accessories, essential to protect the knees and to avoid joint problems, sprains and fractures.

This is precisely why we consider knee pads to be essential in all sports in which you can, in one way or another, end up on the ground, such as volleyball for example.

The Tokyo Evolution Erreà knee pads, in addition to protecting your body, are extremely resistant, robust and guarantee optimal leg mobility.

In short, they are the perfect accessory that allows you to play feeling safe and protected in any situation. 


  •  Jacquard weave structure
  • Promotes perspiration
  • Light compression
  • Advanced level of protection in the patella position
  • 3D circular knitting technology