Final Fantasy XV (15) - Deluxe Edition

Final Fantasy XV (15) - Deluxe Edition
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Brand: Square Enix
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Deluxe Edition includes:Final Fantasy XV game discExclusive Steelbook coverKingsglaive Blu-Ray movieBonus DLC Royal Raiment outfit, Masamune weapon and Platinum Leviathan recolor.Final Fantasy is back with style!The game introduces a new system with which the player interacts with the environment and how they tackle the many battles that may come. The game’s environments allow for much freedom and interactivity where you can destroy objects and different paths may be used to reach the destination. The world map is an open field that the player can explore by foot or on wheels, an airship or the well-known chocobos. A day-night time system affects the appearance of certain encounters on the world map. Final Fantasy XV will feature interactive cutscenes in the form of real-time events. The player keeps control during these scenes, which will result in natural progressions and storytelling, which gives the player a great sense of flow - The game also features pre-rendered full motion videos for scenes, just like previous games in the series.