Geomag - Magicube 4 Shapes Recycled World 32 (203)

Geomag - Magicube 4 Shapes Recycled World 32 (203)
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Brand: Geomag
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Play with magnets and let creativity and imagination take over with the fun Geomag Magicube toy that helps develop children’s manual abilities. By utilizing the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, children can let their imagination run free and build colorful 3D constructions, even with wheels. It is the children who give Magicube’s lives, for this toy alone takes shape with the help of the children’s imagination! Even the very youngest get the opportunity to start developing their manual abilities by playing with the cubes. Magicubes are made of 100% recycled plastic and the wheels are made of recycled rubber. From 1-5 years This package contains 32 parts: - 26 magnetic components in 4 different shapes - 2 wheel axles - 2 wheels 38 mm - 2 wheels 44 mm