Goliath - Triominos - Junior Version (70098)

Goliath - Triominos - Junior Version (70098)
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Brand: Goliath
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Triominos Junior and the triangular number pieces, give three times as much fun! Triominos Junior helps children learn some basic skills at 2 levels. The children learn about colors, numbers, shapes and points.The game is about collecting as many point coins as possible by placing and combining the number pieces correctly. The player who has the most points when the game ends - has won the game. Triominos Junior is a fun game for the whole family.The game has levels:Level 1 - 5+ years: Use the coins to learn to countLevel 2 - 6+ years: Count points for each number chip2-4 players15-30 minutesContent:36 pcs. number tags1 joker60 scorers / coins4 chip holders1 set of rules of the game