Harry Potter Mug Marauders Map

Harry Potter Mug Marauders Map
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Brand: Harry Potter
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Are you missing the perfect gift idea for someone who is a huge fan of Harry Potter? We have the solution here in the form of this gift box.One way to show how big a fan you are of something is to have a mug in motif with what you are a fan of. Then you are also sure that no one is stealing your coffee cup. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then this mug can be your personal cup created in a cool motif with Marauders Map, and who would not own his own Marauders Map?With this gift box you get a nice mug with a motif of Marauders Map from Harry Potter, a coaster and a keychain. The gift set is presented in a very nice gift box, and therefore this is certainly also this year’s gift idea for someone who is a big fan of Harry Potter.Gift box containing coffee cup, keychain and coasterOfficially licensed productPerfect gift for Harry Potter fans