Hoppekids - MAJA DELUXE Junior bed w. Medium and Low bed ends 90x200cm - White

Hoppekids - MAJA DELUXE Junior bed w. Medium and Low bed ends 90x200cm - White
Categories: Board games, Classics
Brand: Hoppekids
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With this junior bed from Hoppekids, your child gets a classic bed with elegant bed ends and lots of features.Only the best is good enough for your child - and she gets it with this junior bed with detailed bed ends in different heights. The bed is both ideal for safe nights, but also as a sofa during the day with plenty of space for friends.The DELUXE collectionDELUXE is the classic sofa bed, but in a modern and updated version. The vision with the sofa bed is that it can be adapted depending on the size of your child’s room. The bed ends come in different heights, so it is easy to tailor your child’s bed to your needs. The bed ends are made in two designs: MAJA with shiny sides and details in the edge and NOAH, which has milling and a more raw expression.In addition, other accessories can be purchased, such as a handrail and a practical pull-out bed. The DELUXE collection focuses in particular on utilizing the space under the bed. Therefore, it is also possible to add drawers on wheels.Nordic Ecolabelled qualityAll beds from Hoppekids are Nordic Ecolabelled, and are your guarantee that the product has been tested and complies with all EU standards in children’s furniture. This means, among other things, that the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment - both when purchasing goods, during the production itself, during the product’s lifetime, and when the product is to be disposed of.Product details:MAJA DELUXE junior bedAll accessories are purchased separatelyW: 96 cm. L: 216 cm. H: 90 cm.MAJA bed ends come in three different heights: low - 48 cm, medium - 64 cm and high - 90 cm.Nordic designThe Nordic EcolabelThe surface is treated with water-based varnish without harmful substances and unnecessary chemistryFSC®-certificeret pine wood