Ledvance - Remote Smart + Wi-Fi

Ledvance - Remote Smart + Wi-Fi
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Brand: Ledvance
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The new SMART + portfolio from LEDVANCE contains handy and flexible lighting products that, in the vast majority of cases, are compatible with many existing systems that use ZigBee. Be it for example Osram Lightify and Philips Hue, where you get the most functions, control options and the greatest ease of use. Here you can control the lighting via an app from your smartphone or tablet. With SMART + products you have the ability to dim, switch to RGB colors (If it is a type of RGB), set the switch between warm white to cool white light, program light sequences, group light sources, connect rooms and much more. You can also do a presence simulation so that your light switches on and off randomly if you are not at home or, for example, set up a circadian rhythm. SMART + is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.With this remote control you can wirelessly control (on / off and attenuation) your SMART + WIFI products without the use of voice control or App.LEDVANCE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting products. They offer a wide range of LED light sources and intelligent SMART home products. The company stems from OSRAM’s lighting activities.