Legendary Eleven

Legendary Eleven
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Remember the glory days. Grass in bad conditions, rain mudding the rough pitch. Eleven tough guys a side that will transform a game in an epic battle that makes you long for match day all week. Online and offline multiplayer (1vs1). Weather conditions and different daytimes: snow, rain, fog, cloudy, sunny 32 Different unlockable cards that improve teams stats. A set of epic matches where you’re put in the shoes of a team and need to win a game with all odds against you in a sort-of believable situation (inspired by real games). Players performance is affected during the game based on different factors such as the score, the roughness of the game, or the cards selected. Choose among 35 different teams from over the world (pre- USA 94 countries) to lead them to glory, to the world cup. Unique arcade mechanics: Supershots, referees, sprinting and dribbling… ¡The football you missed!