MARVIS - Toothpaste Jasmin Mint 2x25 ml

MARVIS - Toothpaste Jasmin Mint 2x25 ml
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With toothpaste from MARVIS, toothbrushing is anything but boring. Try out different taste experiences and bring luxury into your everyday life.The popular toothpastes from MARVIS in travel size. They come in a beautiful metal tube with a unique retro design. Every toothpaste makes your daily toothbrushing a pleasure. The toothpastes from MARVIS are exactly as classic toothpaste should be - refreshing, protective, tasty and thich and powerful in consistency.Flavors:Classic Strong Mint: Refreshing, classic strong mint flavorAquatic Mint : Refreshing mint flavorGinger Mint : Refreshing taste of ginger and mintJasmine Mint : Refreshing taste of jasmine and mintCinnamon Mint: Refreshing taste of cinnamon and mintLicorice Mint : Refreshing taste of licorice and mintWhitening Mint : Helps whitening your teethAnise Mint: Refreshing taste of Anise and mintWhitening Mint for Smokers: Helps whitening your teethHow to:Use morning and evening with your MARVIS toothbrush for optimal effectBenefits:Popular toothpaste from MARVIS in travel sizeUnique retro designMany refreshing flavorsFresh breathProtects your teeth