MARVIS - Toothpaste Whitening Mint for Smokers 2x85 ml

MARVIS - Toothpaste Whitening Mint for Smokers 2x85 ml
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The popular toothpastes from MARVIS. They come in a beautiful metal tube with an unique retro design. Each toothpaste makes your daily toothbrushing a pleasure. The toothpastes from MARVIS is exactly like a classic toothpaste should be - refreshing, protecting, tasty and fat and powerful in its consistency.Taste variants Classic Strong Mint: Refreshing, classic strong mint tasteAquatic Mint: Refreshing mint tasteGinger Mint: Refreshing taste of Ginger and mintJasmin Mint: Refreshing taste of Jasmin and mintCinnamon Mint: Refreshing taste of Cinnamon and mintLicorice Mint: Refreshing taste of Licorice and mintWhitening Mint: Helps making your teeth whiterWhitening Mint for smokers: Helps making your teeth whiterApplication:Use in the morning and before bedtime with your MARVIS toothbrush for the most optimal effect.Benefits:Popular toothpaste from MARVISMany refreshing taste variants, one for everybodyGives a fresh breathProtects your teeth