Tom & Jerry - Jumbo Plush 40 cm - Jerry

Tom & Jerry - Jumbo Plush 40 cm - Jerry
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Brand: Tom & Jerry
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Everyone’s favorite cat and mouse team, Tom & Jerry, bring their classic rivalry to the big screen in the animated adventure set in New York City. Recreate some of your favorite scenes from the movie with these adorable plush versions of Tom & Jerry. Jumbo Jerry stands at a huge 40 cm tall. This extra large version of Jerry is a high quality plush toy made with soft deluxe fabric and has detailed stitching. Jumbo Jerry is a cuddly plush that brings the classic fun of Tom & Jerry for a new generation! Jumbo Jerry is a plush version of Jerry as he appears in the Tom & Jerry Warner Brothers movie. Bring home the fun of Tom & Jerry with this wonderful plush toy or take your Jumbo Jerry plush with you anywhere you go. Contents:1 x Jumbo Plus 40 cmAge 3+