Trefl - Puzzle 1000 pc - Sunny embankment (10527)

Trefl - Puzzle 1000 pc - Sunny embankment (10527)
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Brand: Trefl
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Do you dare to take up the challenge? 1000 puzzle pieces so you and your friends and family can try to assemble this beautiful sunny, southern European waterfront.A puzzle is a simple form of entertainment as it does not require much more than the puzzle pieces and yourself. Still, it is a game that helps you develop your memory, give you better problem-solving skills, higher IQ, put you in a better mood and reduce your overall stress levels. These are just some of the benefits of solving a jigsaw puzzle. In addition, it is also super fun, and will certainly give you the greatest feeling of satisfaction in the world when you see the finished product.This is a high quality puzzle made of thick cardboard and covered with a special non-reflective layer to ensure that the picture is super clear so you can enjoy this beautiful southern European port city when you are done.Details of Trefl Puzzle Sunny Embankment:Size when finished: 68 x 48 cmNumber of puzzle pieces: 1000Fun for the whole family