Waytoplay - Airport Runway

Waytoplay - Airport Runway
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Brand: Waytoplay
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Is the dream one day to be a pilot or to work in an airport, then build your own runway. Play with all the planes and helicopters you can find. Let your imagination soar and create your dream airport with RUNWAY. Our unique set of 14 parts offers expanded segments with the right blue airport graphics. Start, land and board into your own adventure. RUNWAY is made of recycled cardboard and designed for indoor use and is fully compatible with our flexible toy paths. A fantastic set that is both an affordable extension and a fun variation. Contains 14 extended road segments Cardboard toy track, approximately 320 cm or 125.5 inches long Contains 8 straight lanes, 2 exits, 1 T-junction and a fantastic hexagonal roundabout Custom runway in light blue Created for indoor play: you are welcome to climb on the back