What Do You Meme? (UK Edition)

What Do You Meme? (UK Edition)
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Brand: Lautapelit
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Flick your memeBasically Cards Against Humanity but with memesPair up the funniest caption with the perfect reaction image to winA rotating judge of your choosing picks the winnerHilarity ensues, naturallyContains everything you need for endless rounds of meme-based funYou’ve played Cards Against Humanity, now you’re ready for something a little more snappy and viral. Enter What Do You Meme. Essentially the same premise, What Do You Meme is the game of pairing up reaction images with relatable yet obscure captions. Seriously, this isn’t a game for basic b*tches. Funniest pairing is selected by a rotating judge of your choosing. Make sure you only let funny people do the judging or else you’ll have approximately 28% less fun.