Zone - Classic Towel 50 x 70 cm - Dark Blue (330115)

Zone - Classic Towel 50 x 70 cm - Dark Blue (330115)
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Brand: Zone
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Zone Classic towels is very soft and comes in a different colors. Zone is knowen for their good quality of their products, but especially on their towels. Classic series is enough Zones best-known product and the Classic you get towels for little money, but in the high end of the scale. NOTE: always face your towels in cold water for 12 hours before use, preferably with a little vinegar in the water, so keep the towels are well on the color and gives your towels extra softness. Zones towels must be washed at 60 degrees and and they tolerate the dryer.Useful information about Zone Classic Towel Size: 50 x 70 cmMateriale: 100% cotton600 gram1 pcs.Zone