Children's Puzzles

  • 10 Oct, 2022

Children's puzzle

Children’s puzzles are a fun and interactive way for you to spend time with your child, help improve their motor skills, and also teach them to use their imagination and learn problem-solving skills. Choosing an age-appropriate puzzle for your child is important, as babies will generally need to first learn in-and-out type puzzles before they can advance onto more complex types.

While adults may find a 1000 piece puzzle to be a fun challenge, this would be too difficult for children to handle. They would first need to learn in-and-out puzzles, then move onto knob puzzles and chunky puzzles.

When To Introduce Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are great for pre-school children, as they come in different forms. Finding an 8 or 16 piece jigsaw to start with is always a good rule of thumb. You will be able to tell quickly from here how challenging this is for your child.

A 24 piece puzzle would be the next logical step up, and don’t be afraid to encourage them to learn how to do these on their own - after all, this is all about helping them to think outside of the box.

Children’s Puzzles

We list, in order from toddler to pre-school, the best way to introduce puzzles to your toddler so that they can enjoy puzzles too.

  • Knob puzzles - generally 3 to 8 pieces.
  • Chunky puzzles - generally 4 to 12 pieces.
  • Peg puzzles - generally 8 to 26 pieces.
  • Frame puzzles - generally 9 to 60 pieces.

Where Can You Purchase Children’s Puzzles?

Children’s puzzles can be purchased almost anywhere, as they have really taken off in recent years as learning tools. Whether you prefer to purchase online or in store, you can be sure to find them readily available.

All children’s puzzles are essentially educational, and you do not need to specify this. So long as your child is doing the work themselves, you can be guaranteed that they are using their hand-eye coordination and are learning to think outside of the box - square pegs don’t go into round holes, and now they know.