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Best Realistic Games

As virtual gaming becomes more popular, the range of games on offer can seem a bit overwhelming, so which are the best realistic games? This guide will take you through all the best VR games and also provide advice about which headset to buy.

Let's begin with the virtual reality set up. Before you start to play any games you'll need a VR headset. These come in two types. Standalone headsets have all the processing power in the headset itself. The other type of headset links to an old-style games console or PC.

The advantages of the standalone headset are freedom and portability, but the linking to a console allows greater processing power for a higher standard of graphics and effects.

Best virtual reality headsets to buy online.

  • Oculus Quest 2 - Standalone or PC
  • Valve Index - PC
  • PlayStation VR - Console

Which VR Headset To Buy

So which is the best virtual reality headset to buy? While all VR headsets offer realistic games, there are differences in features, quality and definition. If you're serious about virtual gaming you could splash out on the Valve Index with super-sharp graphics and remote tracking stations to create a realistic virtual environment. However, for the casual gamer, a more reasonably-priced option is the standalone Oculus Quest 2 which provides a portable high-quality gaming experience.

Best Realistic Games

Once you're kitted out with all your VR accessories, you can start to shop for games. While some of the most popular VR games are action-themed, exploration games can be more interesting as they allow you to interact in detail with virtual worlds.

Another exciting category of vr gamess is role-play games, which allow you to take on another persona in a virtual world, without worrying about the real-world consequences of your actions. VR sports games are also becoming more popular with a wide range of team and individual sports available.

Multiplayer Realistic Games

Multiplayer realistic games played out online are an exciting part of the VR offering available. Crossplay allows users of different types of headset to interact and play games together. Star Wars Squadrons is one of the most popular crossplay games, available on almost every platform.

Once you've chosen your headset and are happy with your virtual reality set up, you'll be able to choose from a huge range of single-player and multiplayer games. Check out our offering for all the latest titles to play online or at home with your friends.

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