Alpaca Ball "All-Stars" (PS4)

Alpaca Ball "All-Stars" (PS4)
Categories: Video Games, PS4
Brand: Badland Games
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Alpaca Ball All-Stars is a hilarious arcade soccer game that combines the best of wacky classics like NBA Jam with funny physics that make every single match totally unique. Get ready to score the most incredible goals in frenetic matches with up to eight players simultaneously. Alpaca Ball: Allstars also includes a very funny Campaign for one or two players with a crazy storyline in which we will travel halfway around the world. Choose your alpaca, customize its look and get ready to drill the rival goal using the power and elasticity of their necks. Ram your opponents and exploit the physics of the ball to unleash spectacular trick shots, bouncing the ball off the field walls. The realistic physics of the ball allows it to bounce unpredictably according to its shape (you can play with beach balls, rugby balls… and even with dice!) And that’s not all: during the games you can pick up various special powers that could turn the scoreboard upside down. Enjoy the Campaign, alone or with a friend in cooperative mode, and embark on an epic quest to save your home. You will visit all kinds of soccer fields (there is even one inside a volcano) all across South America and Europe and compete against the CPU. You can also play matches against other human players or CPU (up to 8, in teams of 4 Vs 4), locally on Nintendo Switch and locally and online on Steam via “Steam Remote Play”. Features The most original, fun and frenetic soccer of all time… starring alpacas! Use the powerful neck of your alpaca to score the most amazing goals. Make the ball bounce with the limits of the field and hit your opponents. Collect special powers to turn the game around and ram your opponents: there are no rules, anything goes when it comes to winning. Embark on an epic campaign, alone or with a friend in cooperative, to save your home or dispute matches against the CPU and other players. You will be able to dispute matches of 8 players (4 vs 4) in local mode in Nintendo Switch and in Local and online in Steam, via “Steam Remote Play”.