Battlefield 4: Premium (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key ARGENTINA

Battlefield 4: Premium (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key ARGENTINA
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Brand: Battlefield 4: Premium (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key
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Key Features: • All five expansion packs. Get 20 new maps, 48 exclusive assignments, new modes and more; • Exclusive personalization options. Outfit yourself with the latest camos, paints, emblems and dog tags; • Priority position in server queues. Jump into the fight as quickly as possible; • 12 bonus Battlepacks. Battlefield 4: Premium (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key is a first-person shooter sequel developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. The brand continues to mark its series relevance in the ever-lasting online warfare. This time action takes place in a fictional war happening in 2020, six years after the events of its prequel. Once again, it’s an all-out conflict between the US and Russia, however, this time China is up for a ride as well. With an all-new Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 4: Premium (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key brings even more detailed, highly realistic environments, true quality resolution textures and particle effects to its single-player campaign and seven multiplayer modes. It’s All About the Experience Immersive multiplayer that allows for up to 64 players to clash simultaneously is what makes Battlefield, well, Battlefield. The combination of fierce infantry forces and explosive power of vehicular machinery results in exciting, thrilling, violent and diverse combat, loved by FPS enthusiasts all over the globe. Add a multitude of weapon choices, throw in some gadgets and upgrades for basically everything that concerns war and you have a success formula for some absolutely devastating and exhilarating in-game moments to experience. Many Forms of Obliteration One of the most exciting things that come with Battlefield 4: Premium (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key is the seven multiplayer modes. For example, obliteration mode in which two teams face one another to gain control over the bomb, and once acquired, tries to destroy three enemy positions. With huge and small battles happening in ten different maps, every player is ensured to find a spot in his/her preferred role and setting. Map-oriented Devastating Events When talking about mass destruction, Battlefield 4: Premium (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key has some catastrophic environmental events that can be triggered on each map. Some are really devastating and change the setting completely — forcing players to adjust their position and playstyle accordingly, for example, the destruction of a skyscraper. Others are subtler, like road barricades. These events, together with destructible structures and deformable terrain, help to depict an honest truth about war — it’s simply terrifying. The full Battlefield series collection will satisfy the needs of those who crave more action!