Epos H3 Closed Wired Acoustic Gaming Headset - Black

Epos H3 Closed Wired Acoustic Gaming Headset - Black
Brand: Epos
Color: One Colour
76.99 GBP
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EPOS H3 Closed Wired Acoustic Gaming Headset - Black Premium performance on any platform From intense, bass-heavy battlefield missions to strikingly detailed soundscapes, the EPOS H3 gaming headset will take your audio experience to new levels. Its closed acoustic design keeps background noise out, boosting your reactivity to in-game cues that can make or break a win. Clearly communicate strategic moves using the H3’s noise-dampening microphone, and raise its boom arm to mute your stream at a moment’s notice. Whether you play on a PC or console, this multi-platform headset is the ultimate sidekick. Depth: 225 MM Closed acoustic design for passive noise attenuation State-of-the-art EPOS engineered audio Flexible plug-and-play configuration High-quality materials, sleek design Microphone with lift-to-mute boom arm Lightweight adjustable fit Intuitive volume control Best-in-class comfort Multi-platform compatible - PC / Soft phone, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac OSX, PS5, Xbox Series X Height: 80 MM Width: 180 MM