GTR FIA GT Racing Game (PC)

GTR FIA GT Racing Game (PC)
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Brand: Atari
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Gtr - FIA racing simulation will appeal to both experienced PC race car drivers and ambition newcomers. The scope of options in GTR ranges from the realistic simulation mode all the way to the easy arcade modes for the beginner. Ten realistic race tracks of the fia-gt and NAT categories as well as 56 licensed sports cars are waiting for the drivers.The game is based on the FIA gt Championship racing series and GTR includes all of the cars and drivers from the Season of 2003 as well as the prestigious 24 hours of Spa race.Developed and tested by the FIA gt drivers utilizing actual racing telemetry data from the featured teams, GTR will deliver the most realistic driving experience the world has seen to date. Game Features Based on the real FIA GT Championship all the real tracks and cars are included car physics based on real race car telemetry data tracks are built from actual GPS and Cad data sounds are sampled from the real race cars