Harry Potter 8" Feature Hermione

Harry Potter 8" Feature Hermione
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Brand: Harry Potter
Color: One Colour
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Harry Potter 8" FEATURE HERMIONE Expecto Patronum! Bring Hermione’s Patronus to life and pretend to cast spells with the Wizarding World Hermione Light-up Patronus 8-inch doll! With seven accessories, including an attachable spell shield and otter Patronus, this 8-inch Hermione doll is the perfect way for Harry Potter fans to play out casting spells with their favorite character. Cute facial details, soft and long curly hair and five points of articulation bring Hermione to life. Slide the Hogwarts robe onto Hermione and place the wand in her hand. When you lift her arm or press the button on Hermione’s belly, an LED light projects out of her robe’s sleeve. Clip the spell shield onto Hermione’s wrist and discover holographic light effects! Switch out the shield for Hermione’s otter Patronus and summon her adorable guardian! For even more ways to add to your storytelling, Hermione also includes two spell book accessories, a feather, and a potion bottle she can really hold in her hand. This 8-inch Hermione Granger doll will inspire your imagination through fun and exciting pretend play. For more ways to build out your Wizarding World, add all of the other 8-inch Harry Potter toys to your collection (dolls each sold separately)! The Hermione Light-up Patronus doll and the 8-inch Harry Potter dolls are great gifts for girls. Includes 3 LR44 batteries. Experience the magic of Harry Potter with the Wizarding World Hermione Light-up Patronus doll! Depth: 6.35 CM Height: 30.48 CM Width: 22.86 CM Age Range: 3 - 12 years Warning Message: Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years