Harry Potter Wow! Pod Wizarding World Of Harry Potter - Hermione

Harry Potter Wow! Pod Wizarding World Of Harry Potter - Hermione
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Brand: Harry Potter
Color: One Colour
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Bring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to life with this Hermione Wow! POD. Wow! Pods are super fun light-up pods that contain your favourite movie, TV and comic book characters. They connect in a number of ways to make unique and awesome light displays across walls, shelves tables or window ledges. This fantastic Pod includes Hermione Granger, housed in a robust hexagonal Pod complete with a mystery reveal backdrop! It would make the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan and is the perfect start to any personalised Pod collection. Harry himself is also available - please see code URFDK. Just swipe to light! Move your hand in front of the Pod and mystery surprise hidden icons are revealed when the POD lights up for 30 seconds. Build your own collection Connect to other Wow! Pods Characters in seconds. There are currently 100s of other POD Figures to connect, including DC Comics, Disney, Marvel, Space Jam and Jurassic World – find your favourites and display your own unique collection! Collect, Connect and Display Just swipe to light Build your own collection