Hasbro Monopoly Classic Board Game - With New Tokens!

Hasbro Monopoly Classic Board Game - With New Tokens!
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Brand: Hasbro
Color: One Colour
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This updated version of the classic Hasbro Game introduces new tokens to the world of Monopoly - Rubber Ducky, T-Rex and Penguin! This brand new and updated version of the iconic game gives you the option of choosing 3 new tokens! The rules are the same as ever - choose your player, place it on GO! and roll the dice to own it all! This is one the best-selling board game of all time for a reason - it has been played and loved for generations, and a staple in any game collection. It is suitable for 2-8 players aged 8+, making it perfect for families and parties alike. …There can be only one winner in the Monopoly game. Will it be you Includes: Gameboard 8 Tokens 28 Title Deed Cards 16 Chance Cards 16 Community Chest Cards 32 Houses 12 Hotels 2 Dice Money Pack Instructions Ages 8 and up. For 2-8 players. Age Range: 8+ Fast-dealing property trading game Players buy, sell and trade properties to win Build houses and hotels on properties Change your fortune with Chance and Community Chest cards Bankrupt your opponents to win it all! Ages 8 and up For 2-8 players