Maglam Lord (PS4)

Maglam Lord (PS4)
Categories: Video Games, PS4
Brand: PQube
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Long ago, the powerful Demon Lord Killizzerk was sealed away to prevent a reign of terror. After a long slumber, Killizzerk awakens to find they have lost their powers and are a now a government-classified endangered species! The demon lord must join forces with a Soulmate to forge and transform into magical weapons to slay beasts and awaken their true power. Features Speedy and satisfying hack and slash combat: Square off against powerful beasts in fast-paced and intuitive battles to collect materials and craft new magical weapons. Become one with your blade: In Maglam Lord, Killizzerk’s body and soul is forged into crafted weapons and wielded by a hero! Customising weapons can grant numerous benefits in battle and not just cosmetic! Increased attack power, new sound effects and even personality can be modified with the right materials. Find your Soulmate: Characters you meet will be able to wield your power in battle! Befriend them, fight alongside them (and even take them on dates!) to regain your former power. Choose your style: Players have the option to choose between male or a female Killizzerk at the start of the game, each with their own unique art and voice acting.