Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Breathe Humidifier, White

Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Breathe Humidifier, White
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Brand: Maxi-Cosi
Color: White
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Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Breathe Humidifier - easy to control through the app. Create The Ideal Nursery Atmosphere The Breathe Humidifier ensures your nursery is always at the perfect humidity for your baby to have a soothing sleep. You can switch it on from anywhere, via the Maxi-Cosi Connected Home app, to prep the nursery before bedtime. A range of smart sensors enable the Breathe Humidifier to operate fully in Auto Mode, or if you prefer you can adjust the humidity, mist levels and timers as you go. 24 Hours Non-Stop With a large 3.8-litre tank capacity, the Breathe Humidifier can run uninterrupted for 24 hours. When water levels are low, you will also be alerted on your phone via the Connected Home app. Connected Nursery One of four smart nursery products controlled by one single app. Designed to comfort, soothe and protect your baby with personalised features and routines Essential Oil Diffuser Breathe Humidifier can also be used as an essential oil diffuser so your baby can benefit from the positive effects of essential oils and enjoy a scented, soothing snooze. Modern Minimal Design The stylish Breathe Humidifier is designed to complement modern home interiors with its minimal sleek lines and soft, natural colours. Accessory List: Part of the Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Collection. Other Connected Home products include the: See Baby Depth: 196 MM Height: 275 MM Material Content: ABS 68.50%, Electronics 11.50%, Addictives 3.70%, PVC 7.30%, Aluminium alloy 2%, Organic polymer silicone gum 0.80%, Stainless steel 1%, Other 5.20% Width: 196 MM Auto Mode which will define the best humidity level based on room temperature Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home Timer option for a delayed start The large tank capacity of 3.8L allows the humidifier to run for 24h full mist ! Night Mode for perfect sleep & snooze Integrated Essential oil diffuser Light with adjustable intensity 3 Mist levels to choose from Child lock mechanism Safe & secure, streaming data is fully encrypted so your family moments remain private. Be always together, even when apart