Nintendo Switch 1-2-Switch

Nintendo Switch 1-2-Switch
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Brand: Nintendo Switch
Color: One Colour
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Nintendo 1-2-Switch is a bundle of hilarious mini games designed for sharing. Designed as the perfect introduction to your new Nintendo Switch console and the amazing gaming possibilities it offers you, 1-2-Switch is all about bringing people together and having fun. You’re not staring in the screen as usual, instead your looking at and interacting with your opponent, while the screen simply keeps the score! You must master the Joy-Con controllers to succeed in these short games, with rewards that will surely pay off both immediately and later on when you come to play other Switch games. Quick Draw is a Wild West-style duel between 2 players where battle to be the first to raise your Joy-Con and fire – give them your best Clint Eastwood stare while you wait for the signal! In Samurai Training one player must ‘catch’ the other’s sword as they strike downward. If the sword is caught, then the other player takes a turn – and so it goes until someone is struck and the round won. Safe Crack involves ‘feeling’ your way through each of a bank safe’s codes to unlock the goodies inside. Ball Count involves guessing the amount of balls in a box, which is perhaps more fun than it sounds. Copy Dance requires you to copy your opponent’s finest dance floor moves in a duel to prove who has the funkiest feet. Milk involves a race to gather the most milk from the udders of a virtual cow! Age Rating: 12 years + Gaming Age Rating: 12Yrs +