OMSI 2 Add-on Citybus S31X

OMSI 2 Add-on Citybus S31X
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Brand: Aerosoft
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They are considered a very successful bus series, the S31X city buses. During the production period 1996 - 2006, these buses were not only manufactured in Germany, but also in France. Thanks to the good workmanship and the long-life engines, many buses of this series are still in service with public transport companies. They are also often used as school buses. Their time is numbered, however, because environmental regulations make their use impossible in many cities. The buses offer up to 57 seats. The low-floor buses of the S31X series have been implemented in OMSI with great attention to detail. In this add-on they are available in two lengths: 12 metres (S315 NF) and 14.5 metres (S 319 NF). The buses have different door and seat layouts. The legendary OM 447 HLA and OM 457 HLA engines power the buses. They are supplied in Euro 2 and Euro 3 versions in this add-on. The scope includes a ZF transmission with a special feature. There is a kind of “power switch” on the dashboard. This button allows the gearbox to shift to higher RPM regardless of the pressure applied to the gas pedal. This is particularly advantageous when driving on rough terrain, as the vehicle stays within its torque range without accelerating too hard. In this add-on, you can intervene in the behaviour of the gearbox while the vehicle is in motion. So take a seat in the virtual driver’s seat, start the engine, close the doors and then enjoy the ride of these popular buses in OMSI.