Osprey Logo Foamie Surfboard 8Ft 2

Osprey Logo Foamie Surfboard 8Ft 2
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Brand: Osprey
Color: Blue
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Osprey Logo Foamie Surfboard 8ft 2 The Osprey 8 foot foamies are the perfect beginner’s soft surfboard, with plenty of buoyancy for catching waves and to give a stable balance once you’ve caught them. The Osprey Logo soft surfboard comes with a cool graphic design, offering up something different to the shoals of big yellow beginner’s surfboards in the sea. The light weight EPS core is strengthened with wooden stringers, and gives you a great amount of buoyancy, for stability and easier balance. The soft foam outer makes this foamie less dangerous should you collide or bang yourself while learning . Includes fins and leash ready to get started. Depth: 2490 MM Height: 90 MM Width: 580 MM Type: Foam Surfboard Core: EPS Expanded Polystyrene Length: 8ft 2 Tail: Square tail Fins and Leash: 3 Fin System and Leash Included Rider Ability: Beginner