Osprey Origin Boys Shorty Wetsuit (Black/Red)

Osprey Origin Boys Shorty Wetsuit (Black/Red)
Categories: Brand, Osprey
Brand: Osprey
Color: Black/Red
Size: M/29.5 inch
42.99 GBP
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The Osprey Origin Boys Shorty Wetsuit is designed to increase manoeuvrability while keeping their core warm. This Osprey Origin Boy’s summer shorty wetsuit really stands out in the water with a classic red, black and grey design. This suit is ideal for surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking and other water sports. A 3/2mm wetsuit means the Osprey Origin has panels of 3mm thick warm insulating rubber, with 2mm panels under the arms, where they will need more flexibility and stretch for paddling and surfing. 3mm is the standard thickness for a summer wetsuit in the UK or Ireland, and a shorty wetsuit with short legs and short sleeves gives the perfect coverage to keep their core warm without getting too hot. 3/2mm Neoprene, Foam SBR / CR Nylon Inner Shell Fabric Flatlock Seams Wind Resistant Mesh, Ergonomic Panelling Super Stretch Collar Anti-Rub Openings, Anti-Flush Collar Key Loop Back Zip