Pacman Retro Game Keyring

Pacman Retro Game Keyring
Categories: PC and Console, Arcade
Brand: Pacman
Color: One Colour
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Pacman Retro Game Keyring - carry your favourite retro arcade game everywhere you go! Pacman is one of the classics when it comes to retro arcade games and this officially licensed keyring machine means you can play anywhere on the go. Wizz around eating all of the dots to gain points while avoiding the ghosts - and not forgetting the power pellets and fruit to give you powers and extra points! Depth: 25 MM Height: 65 MM Width: 90 MM Recipient: For Them Requires 2 X AAA, 1.5V batteries (Not included). Portable, small handheld game Play this nostalgic retro arcade game on the go! Keeps the highest score