Playstation 4 Sonic Colours Ultimate

Playstation 4 Sonic Colours Ultimate
Categories: Video Games, PS4
Brand: Playstation 4
Color: One Colour
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Sonic Colours Ultimate for PS4 - it’s back and better than ever. Enjoy the ultimate Sonic Colours experience - now transformed with enhanced 4K graphics and super-smooth 60fps. New Rival Rush mode lets you take on Metal Sonic for big rewards - and we also love the Ghost ability, which allows Sonic to pass through objects and reach hidden zones. Join Sonic in the high-speed adventure of a lifetime! The evil Dr. Eggman has built a gigantic interstellar amusement park bursting with incredible rides and colourful attractions - but he’s powering it with a captured alien race called Wisps. Use Sonic’s lightning speed to free the Wisps and learn the secrets of their amazing powers as you explore 6 colourful worlds full of awesome challenges. Now with stunning upscaled visuals, additional features, a new game mode and enhanced gameplay - it’s the Ultimate Sonic Colours experience. Explore awesome environments such as the Sweet Mountain filled with sugary treats or an Aquarium Park filled with amazing sea life. Gaming Age Rating: 7Yrs +