Sniper Elite 5 - Season Pass One (DLC) PS5 Key EUROPE

Sniper Elite 5 - Season Pass One (DLC) PS5 Key EUROPE
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Brand: Sniper Elite 5 - Season Pass One (DLC) (PS5) PSN Key
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Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass One includes: • 2 Campaign Missions; • 6 Weapon Packs; • 2 Weapon Skin Packs; • 2 Character Skin Packs. The newest installment of the award-winning franchise about the work of the sniper, Sniper Elite 5 offers the most modern, tactical sniper experience in the third-person and enhanced kill-cam feature. Furthermore, after purchasing Sniper Elite 5 - Season Pass (DLC) (PS4/PS5) PSN Key, you will have an opportunity to fight in large, immersive maps with real-life locations, recreated to the smallest details. Also, the traversal part of the game is enhanced, which lets to explore even deeper than ever before. In this game, you will travel to France in 1944 and will participate in the covert operation to destroy nazi fortifications near the Brittany coast. You are an elite soldier Karl Fairburne, who together with France’s resistance, uncovers a secret nazi project, that deals with the end of the war before allies can invade Europe. Sniper Elite 5 features Get to know these gameplay elements, that will enrich your experience: • Enhanced weaponry and traversal. Use ziplines, slide and travel across ledges to reach a perfect vantage point, or sneak past enemies and be unseen. Modify your sniper rifle, use gravitation, wind, and heartbeat to your advantage; • Wide customization. Upgrade every aspect of your gun. Change scopes, stock, barrels, magazines, and more. There is a big variety of rifles, secondary pistols, and ammunition for them. Armor-piercing bullets, non-lethal, and much more; • PvP and co-op modes. In this game, you will be able to invade other players and hunt them down, as an Axis sniper. Also, you can ask for the help of other players and have a partner. Two snipers are better than one; • Intense multiplayer mode. Upgrade your character and his arsenal for more experience points, medals, and other things in the intense 16 players matches, which will test your shooting skills. If you like co-op mode more, then join 3 other players and fight waves of enemies in the Survival mode; • Enhanced kill-cam. It will be even more realistic, than ever before. The icon of the series is back and shows the true, destructive power of every shot. You won’t believe how human bones can deflect a bullet. Then the bullet can find another way through the body. Also, SMGs and pistols are no exceptions for a kill-cam. In slow motion, many bullets will travel through bodies at the same time; • Cheap Sniper Elite 5 (PC) price. Gameplay After purchasing Sniper Elite 5 - Season Pass (DLC) (PS4/PS5) PSN Key, you will find a lot of real-world zones, that are recreated, using the newest technology, which led to making lively, immersive locations and many infiltration routes. Kill list in every mission creates new perspectives. Destroy nazi plans alone or invite a friend, because the game offers an enhanced co-op mode, that lets to share ammunition and items, give commands or heal each other. You will be able to traverse levels in new ways: slide, use ziplines, ledges to reach the perfect spot of sniping. As before, you will be able to modify your sniper rifle, take advantage of gravity, wind, and your own heartbeat, because these elements have a purpose in the realistic, tactical game.