Sony E 11 Mm F1.8 , Aps-C Wide Angle Prime Lens (Sel11F18)

Sony E 11 Mm F1.8 , Aps-C Wide Angle Prime Lens (Sel11F18)
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Brand: Sony
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Sony E 11 mm F1.8 , APS-C Wide Angle Prime Lens (SEL11F18) - for capturing the big picture. Introducing the SEL11F18 APS-C lens - a new ultra-wide angle lens in a constant F1.8 aperture, offering outstanding image quality for still photography and video. Two Linear Motors deliver fast and accurate focusing. The advanced optical design includes 3 ED (Extra Low Dispersion) and 3 aspherical elements to ensure outstanding resolution. Beautiful background defocus (bokeh) can also be achieved with a 7-blade circular aperture. This Sony e-mount lens delivers smooth, fast and continuous auto focus performance for movie shooting, with minimised focus breathing, focus shift when zooming, and axis shift for refined imagery. INCREDIBLY SHARP: Three ED and 3 aspherical elements ensure outstanding resolution in this constant F1.8 aperture,ultra wide angle lens. BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH BACKGROUNDS: A circular 7-blade aperture on this Sony 11mm lens creates beautiful circular background bokeh defocus effects FAST AND PRECISE AUTOFOCUS: Two Linear Motors deliver fast and accurate focusing for both photography and videography. You won’t miss a shot. BRIGHT IN ALL WEATHERS: A constant F1.8 maximum aperture keeps an impressive brightness that makes this an invaluable lens for content creation. ERGONOMICS: A dust and moisture resistant design, along with versatile controls on this lens makes it ideal to use in the most difficult scenarios Height: 66 MM Width: 57.5 MM Zoom: No Zoom