Sony Overhead Headphones Black 1.2m Flat Cord

Sony Overhead Headphones Black 1.2m Flat Cord
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Brand: Sony
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Its unique inside-folding design makes it easy to pack and carry, and its long 1.2 m cord lets you listen on the go without worries. Elegant colors and a sleek, minimalistic style make sure that your music doesn’t just sound good, but looks great too! With its 30 mm drivers and wide frequency response, bring your music alive with every note loud and clear. - 30mm driver units - Feel the power of dynamic sound, like you’re in the front row of a concert - Sound quality - Delivers direct and accurate audio, with a balanced tone ideal for new music trends - Lightweight Headband style headphones, designed for lasting wearing comfort - Pair with a music player - Use your headphones with a Walkman and other MP3 players - Both-sided cable - Durable and lightweight 1.2m flat cord, both-sided, for tangle-free listening