Sony Xp500 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker

Sony Xp500 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker
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Brand: Sony
Color: Black
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Sony XP500 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker The XP500 combines a superb sound with plenty of party features to make it a fun and versatile speaker. With Powerful Party Sound by the X-Balanced Speaker Unit and the front high-efficiency tweeter, it sends out rich, clear and high-quality sound. It is perfect for parties, inside or outside the home, has plenty of battery life, is IPX4 Water resistant and has an easy-to-use handle for moving from one party to the next. Bluetooth: Y Depth: 295 MM Height: 572 MM Width: 275 MM Dongle Required: N Wifi Enabled: N Front tweeter and woofers combine to give the XP500 a superb sound, punchy and deep with clear vocals and a crisp surround sound feel. The innovative X-Balanced Speaker Unit has a non-circular diaphragm with more area than conventional speakers The combination of the X-Balanced Speaker Unit and front High-efficiency Tweeter deliver a powerful, rich, crisp sound over a large area. With LIVE SOUND you can recreate that unique atmosphere and re-live your favourite live music experiences over and over again You can select a variety of different lighting patterns that can bring pulsating energy to parties or soothing sombre shades to a quiet night in MEGA BASS allows you to really dial up the bass. So if you’re listening to something with a beat, you’ll get a deep and punchy bass sound. And with 20 hours of battery life when fully charged, this speaker will keep going for almost as long as you can. If you find yourself a little short of time, don’t worry. Quick charging will give you 80 minutes of play on just a 10-minute charge. The XP500 has an IPX4 Water resistant [Not guaranteed for all situations] rating so you can keep on playing even if a few raindrops fall. The XP500 has a comfortable handle that makes carrying it easy