Spider-Man Bicycle

Spider-Man Bicycle
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Brand: Marvel Comics
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These Spider-Man licensed 14" and 16" bicycles come with front and rear brakes, freewheeling rear wheels, pneumatic tyres with spoked wheels and mudguards, they also come with removable stabilisers. These Spider-Man bicycles also feature adjustable saddles and handlebars and drinks bottles and holders at the back of the bicycles and front shields. The 12" version of the bike comes with front brake, a fixed rear wheel; so when the pedalling stops, the bike comes to a halt, 12" MAG wheels and puncture-proof EVA tyres and also comes with removable stabilisers. The 12" Spider-Man bicycle also comes with an adjustable saddle and handlebars and also comes with a drinks bottle and holder at the back of the bicycle and a front shield. Sizes:12": Child height range 87-120 cm, recommended age: 3-5 years14": Child height range 95-127 cm, recommended age: 4-7 years16": Child height range 107-138 cm, recommended age: 5-8 years