Star Wars R2-D2 Travel Mug, One Colour, Women

Star Wars R2-D2 Travel Mug, One Colour, Women
Categories: Brand, Star Wars
Brand: Star Wars
Color: One Colour
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This Star Wars R2-D2 Travel Mug definitely IS the droid you’re looking for! The accurate design showcases the sci-fi fan-favourite in all his glory, from his iconic blue and white design to his various ports, connectors and even the projector that relayed Leia’s famous distress call. Made from stainless steel, it’s insulated and watertight, and it also features a double-walled design that keeps your hands from getting burnt and your coffee nice and hot. Depth: 80 MM Height: 185 MM Width: 80 MM Recipient: For Them White travel mug with R2-D2 design Great gift for any Star Wars fan Insulated and watertight, perfect for travel and commutes Capacity 16oz