The Sims 4: Realm of Magic (Xbox One) (DLC) Xbox Live Key EUROPE

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic (Xbox One) (DLC) Xbox Live Key EUROPE
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Brand: The Sims 4: Realm of Magic (DLC)
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Sims 4: Realm of Magic (DLC) Origin key brings the fourth sequel to one of the most favorite and beloved real-time, real-life simulations ever! Create and customize your own character, build a house, find a job — make a career, surround yourself with loving family and neighbors, involve in numerous daily activities, or do whatever else you can think of, it’s The Sims 4 after all. Become a wizard in a supernatural world with The Sims 4 - Realm of Magic (DLC) Origin key! The secret portal is unlocked in the countryside, where the true magic begins. Master the art of wizardry with potions and wands. Just beware of spells gone wrong! With this DLC, learn the craft of wizardry and immerse yourself in the supernatural world. The Sims 4 - Realm of Magic (DLC) features • Explore a supernatural neighborhood. Mystic discoveries are at every turn when the secret portal is unlocked. Interact with familiars, cast spells on other Sims, make potions for friends and enemies; • Learn a wizardry craft. Study the teachings of wizards, get experts to train your character, complete quests, and become a spellcaster. With these spells, Sims can fight, conjure food, and turn others into objects. With certain potions, Sims can fall in love, remove curses, and live forever; • Get familiar. An ethereal or protector will help your Sim to become the Spellcaster they are worth to be. You can summon various creatures, such as dragons, fairies, or other familiars that fit your Sim’s personality as the personal guardian. You can even name them; • Dress like a wizard. Various new outfits are available for you to try and get in the spirit of sorcery. Various attires are perfect for casting spells. Collect wands and brooms, then decorate rooms with fantastic objects; • Cheap The Sims 4 - Realm of Magic (DLC) price. Stretch, Bend and Drag customization techniques One of the Sims 4 key characteristics as to why the Sims series has always been so fun, is their character creation menu and Sims 4 is no exception. The new Create-a-Sim tool allows you to basically become a sculptor and bend your Sim in almost any physical form and shape: you can click, drag, and manually tweak almost every aspect of your creation. House customization options are as vast as it gets or at least as vast as the Create-a-Sim tool. Not only can you customize every corner of your household, but you can also pick from already premade components or even better: download a pre-made blueprint from online storage, where players from all over the globe put their ideas into practice. Raise or lower the very foundations of your house or stretch and drag the edges of your walls if you lack some space. Do Sims feel something? They do now! And they feel not just something, with The Sims 4 key, they feel a lot. Traits and aspirations are back, and while they are fun and useful, this isn’t about them. The latest edition presents a pack of emotions that now are the key factors in control whenever you do not interfere. There are many triggers to put your Sim in a certain emotional state, and these will have wide-range implications over the course of your game. Sims are developing in more than one way! Last but not least, buy The Sims 4 key and enjoy the added elements of multitasking abilities. No longer will your Sims awkwardly drink coffee and only after the cup is empty will start communing. You will feel this much-desired mechanic right off the bat, and it makes the overall gameplay much smoother and more coherent.