Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X

Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X
Brand: Thrustmaster
Color: One Colour
159.99 GBP
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Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X Flight Full Kit X is the perfect solution for playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S. Just connect the devices to your console: everything is instantly recognized by the game, and already configured for use right away. Fly around the world and explore without any constraints! This kit includes T.Flight Hotas One - the much-loved, versatile plug-and-play joystick for Xbox Series X|S and PC. Ergonomically designed and realistic, it’s great for all types of flight games, including flight simulation (air combat, space adventure, civil flight, etc.). Also included in the kit is the TFRP - rudder pedals featuring Thrustmaster’s S.M.A.R.T (Sliding Motion Advanced Rail Track) slide rails system, for smooth turns and an optimized flight experience. T.Flight Full Kit X is the solution you’ve been looking for: take to the skies and make your way across the globe in popular flight simulation games, with total control of your aircraft! Depth: 357 MM Height: 480 MM Width: 321 MM