Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals

Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals
Categories: Video Games, Xbox One, PS4
Brand: Thrustmaster
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The first pedal set from Thrustmaster incorporating Load Cell force sensor technology, for ultra-precise braking in racing games! MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY The T-LCM Pedals feature the H.E.A.R.T. (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) system - contactless technology without any potentiometers - which ensures an unlimited lifespan and optimal accuracy in racing sessions: up to 16-bit resolution, representing 65,536 values per pedal. ADJUSTABLE MECHANICAL BRAKE FORCE The included set of 6 springs allow for a multitude of quick adjustments, allowing you customise the feel of the brake pedal to your own liking. You can also adjust the pressure force for the best fit with your racing setup (e.g. desk or table, Wheel Stand Pro, GT cockpit, F1 cockpit etc). 100% METAL MATERIALS Mounted on a stable, sturdy structure, designed with the most experience racers in mind, the 100% metal pedal heads, attached to 100% metal pedal arms, ensure a good grip in order to optimise the feeling of control when racing. UP TO 220 LB / 100 KG OF PRESSURE ON THE LOAD CELL FORCE SENSOR The brake pedal in the T-LCM Pedals adjusts to your gaming intensity and driving style. You’ll get the perfect amount of braking power according to the force applied on the brake pedal. INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE PEDALS The positions of the 3 pedals are adjustable in terms of height, inclination and spacing. The calibration software also lets you electronically adjust the brake force, along with the dead zones for all 3 pedals. COMPATIBILITY In PC games (via the USB cable): 16-bit resolution per pedal (compatible with all the steering wheels) In PS4 games (via the RJ12 cable): 12-bit resolution per pedal (compatible with T-GT, T300 & T150 steering wheels) In Xbox One games (via the RJ12 games): 12-bit resolution per pedal (compatible with TS-XW, TX and TMX steering wheels) BOX CONTENTS 1x T-LCM pedal set 1x Allen mini-key 1x Detachable DIN/USB cable 1x Detachable RJ12/RJ12 properietary cable 1x Springs kit 1x Cockpits fixation plan 1x User manual and warranty information