Turtle Beach Velocityone Flightstick For Xb / Pc

Turtle Beach Velocityone Flightstick For Xb / Pc
Brand: Turtle Beach
Color: One Colour
119.99 GBP
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Turtle Beach VelocityOne FLIGHTSTICK for XB / PC The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightstick for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & Windows PCs equips you with immersive, accurate controls for air and space flight simulation & combat games on Xbox and PC. Ultra-smooth main stick provides precise control, and two multi-function levers control main engine power and adjustment of control surfaces. A precise nano trim wheel allows for fine tuning of attitude and the OLED Flight Management Display makes for easy adjustments to control profiles. With 27 programmable buttons, a rapid-fire trigger and more, you’re well-armed with a multitude of controls. With two integrated vibration motors you’ll feel response of the engine, and impact of enemy weapon fire for added realism. Depth: 230 MM 8 High-Precision Axes High resolution contactless sensors provide precise response and extended longevity to the main stick controls. Multifunction Throttle & Flap Levers Throttle levers control main engine power and flap levers let you quickly adjust secondary control surfaces. Multiplatform Compatibility Connect via the 10 ft/3m cable and play your favorite air and space flight simulation & combat games on Xbox and PC. 27 Programmable ButtonsEquipped with an 8-way digital POV hat, rapid fire trigger, stick mounted buttons, and more you’re well-armed with controls. Flight Management Display An integrated OLED Flight Management Display enables you to tune its performance to suit the game you’re playing. Flight Configuration Wheel Navigate the Flight Management Display, configure the Flightstick and update product performance in real-time. Touchpad Navigation Sensor The touch sensor with button press gives full control of mouse cursors, ideal for navigating simulation systems. Ambidextrous Design The main stick has an ergonomic, ambidextrous shape with reversible wrist rest and programmable base buttons. Pro-Aim™ Focus Mode Adjust main stick sensitivity for accurate enemy targeting and precise control of landings. Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Connect any 3.5mm headset and take advantage of proven Turtle Beach audio functions like Superhuman Hearing® Height: 217 MM Width: 164 MM